Evo X

Mitsubishi Motors is introducing the 2008 Lancer Evolution, the newest and most  sophisticated version of the legendary high-performance model series that began 16 years ago.  While remaining true to the core values that have made the Lancer Evolution synonymous with thrilling performance, the next-generation model offers all-around capability and user technology that distinguish the world's best performance models.

The strikingly styled 2008 Lancer Evolution showcases new performance and handling technology, including an all-new 291-hp 2.0-liter turbocharged/intercooled engine and the Super-All Wheel Control (S-AWC) dynamic handling system. S-AWC offers an extraordinary level of control at each wheel, going well beyond the capabilities of other all-wheel drive systems.

The Lancer Evolution was designed to be "intimidating and exciting," says Mitsubishi. And it is. With 291 HP and 300 ft-lb of torque, the 2008 Lancer Evolution came screaming onto the scene to make it's North American debut at the LA Auto Show. And the critics are raving. While extolling the virtues of the Evolution's enhanced performance, one automotive critic in attendance put it simply: "this baby is set to scoot."

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